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HWG LU offers business administration in all facets

The agony of choice

Business administration at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences is first and foremost characterized by diversity. Whether it's different fields of work, study formats or even attractive combinations with other disciplines - with the various business administration focuses, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone! As a manageable and agile university, we also have the advantage that new and current topics - such as digitalization - can be quickly integrated into curricula, so that our teaching programs are always up to date.

Specialization from day one, but based on solid business fundamentals

Anyone who enrolls in a business degree program at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences makes a landmark preliminary decision when selecting a course of study: Because while most state colleges and universities initially teach general study content in business and economics subjects, at HWG-LU you will consistently study a very specific subject area right from the start. Nevertheless, our students can be sure that they will also enjoy a sound business education - in other words, solid fundamentals and specialization from day one. 

And even if you find out in the course of your studies that a different business degree program suits you better, that's not a disaster. A change is possible in principle, and achievements already made can be recognized - provided they are relevant in the new study program.

Need an additional qualification?

The Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences trains business administrators with outstanding additional qualifications. Numerous study programs or even specializations within the study programs are unique in the country. HWG-LU's comprehensive range of business administration programs currently includes 15 bachelor's programs as well as more than 20 master's programs. Depending on the program, there may be mandatory internships and/or several semesters abroad (see the respective program page for detailed information). For example, the study program "International Business Management (East Asia)" includes a year abroad in China, Japan or Korea. If this is not the case in your elective program, there is always the possibility to apply for a semester abroad (more information on the page "A semester abroad? No problem!").

Wide range of business studies offered by HWG-LU - find the combination that suits you best

Business management fields of work 

  • Controlling
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resources management
  • Taxes
  • ...and some more 

Different study formats

  • Full-time 
  • dual (bachelor programs only) 
  • part-time 
  • Distance learning (Master's programs only) 

Business administration in combination with other disciplines

  • Languages
  • computer science
  • regional focus (East Asia, Eastern Europe) 

Industry focus

  • healthcare
  • logistics 
  • Viticulture 

3 Business Administration Departments 

  • Management, Controlling, HealthCare
  • Marketing and Human Resource Management 
  • Services and Consulting 

The study program finder helps you to find the right study program for you.

Prospects after the Bachelor

Do you want to continue your studies after your bachelor's degree? Or do you want to immerse yourself in professional life first and then perhaps return to university? No problem at all. In Ludwigshafen, we offer a whole range of master's and MBA programs: There are currently 22 programs on offer - nine of which are consecutive (i.e. building on a bachelor's degree in the same or similar subject), eight are part-time and a further five are designed as distance learning programs. Of course, with a bachelor's degree from the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, you also acquire the qualification to transfer to another college or university and continue your studies there.

Metropolitan area with great economic power = real locational advantage

The career prospects with a degree in business administration are basically good, if not very good. They are even better if you study at a university that is located in one of Germany's most economically powerful regions and that maintains close contacts with companies that compete for qualified junior staff. This is exactly the case in Ludwigshafen, which is home to large companies and global players as well as a healthy middle class. In addition, the largest city in the Palatinate region is centrally located in one of the most dynamic and livable regions in Germany - the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. You can find more information about what Ludwigshafen has to offer in the section "Location and Students".

Why studying business administration in Ludwigshafen is a good choice - advantages at a glance:

  • Diverse range of business studies
  • Numerous combination options enable individual focus orientation
  • A happy medium between technical specialization and a broad foundation in business administration
  • High practical relevance and up-to-date teaching content
  • Study program promotes early contacts in companies
  • Location advantage: Good job opportunities thanks to the economic powerhouse Ludwigshafen/Metropolitan Region