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Image rights


The University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen has purchased a campus license "Colourbox Educational" from the online image database "Colourbox".

This license gives students and employees of the university access to millions of images, illustrations and videos available at "Colourbox".

Specifically, students, university staff and university employees are each allowed to make 30 free downloads per month from Colourbox and use them for research and teaching. These downloads may be used for seminar papers and assignments, course and teaching materials, presentations and lectures. A clearly defined group of employees may also use the image material for flyers and Facebook and Internet pages created on official business.

However, downloading for commercial use or private purposes is excluded.

A publication of works with material from "Colourbox" on the internet by students, employees and teachers may take place if it is ensured (e.g. by password protection) that only members of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen have access to it.