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HWG LU stands for sustainable family-friendly study conditions

Family and studies are by no means mutually exclusive

Balancing studies, work and family is an important issue at HWG-LU. Students who are on maternity leave are under special protection. The special situation of students with family responsibilities is taken into account when designing their studies, which is also reflected in the study and examination regulations, for example. According to § 25 of the General Examination Regulations, the concerns of students on maternity leave and parental leave as well as of students bringing up children or caring for them are regulated.

Pioneer in family friendliness

Reconciling studies, career and family in the best possible way - this is an integral part of the university culture at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences: We have been audited as a family-friendly university since 2002 - incidentally, as the first university nationwide - and received the "audit familiengerechte hochschule" certificate for the sixth time at the end of 2017. The family-conscious orientation and a balance between university interests and the concerns of students and employees has been an important concern for us for many years. Recognition of the special achievements of students with family responsibilities is honored by the Family Award, which is endowed with 300 euros and presented annually by the Equal Opportunity Office of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences.

Reconciling education, career & and family with a BIS degree program

HWG LU's career-integrated degree programs are a good example of a study format that makes it possible to reconcile education, career and family: The lectures and exams, which take place on a weekday afternoon as well as Saturday mornings, can be integrated very well as an integral part of everyday life. Forward planning of semesters and exams as well as the lecture-free period in August and September allow for early planning of annual leave, which is advantageous for families and companies.

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University's own daycare center at the start

Yay! Since spring 2018, we have our own daycare center on campus! The newly built daycare center "LUfanten" is run by the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz. In two mixed-age groups, children are cared for from nine months until they start school. There is a choice of full-day places or an extended morning offer. The newly established daycare center is intended to enable students (and university employees) with children to better combine family and studies (or work). A prerequisite for admission to the daycare center is that the student must reside in Rhineland-Palatinate. Information about the university daycare center LUfanten.

Parent-child room

In recent years, the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences has not only anchored the topic of compatibility of study/work and family in its mission statement, but has also implemented a variety of measures and, for example, created a family-friendly infrastructure. Both in Ernst-Boehe-Straße (E-Building) and in Maxstraße (M-Building), HWG-LU provides a multifunctional room that allows for childcare within the university in case of special circumstances.

You can find details in the info sheets:

Contact persons at the university

The university creates the conditions to give students with family responsibilities equal opportunities and the most relaxed study situation possible. You are welcome to ask Christiane Schweikart for advice on all topics concerning the compatibility of family and studies/profession. Contact details and further information

What about mandatory semesters abroad, internships, etc.? Questions concerning the compatibility with the curriculum of the study program are best clarified with the respective contact persons of the study program (assistants and management), who can be reached via the study program finder.

Offers of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz

With daycare centers and support services for student parents, the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz makes an important contribution to family-friendly higher education. For example, children of students up to the age of ten can eat free of charge in the cafeteria as "MensaKids" when accompanied by the student parent.

Student parents can find out more about the details of this extensive offer from the Studierendenwerk's social counseling service.



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