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University studies + vocational training = dual studies

The happy medium between studies & Profession

Academically oriented university studies or rather a classic, practice-oriented vocational training? Good news for all those who can't decide: With a dual study program, you can strike a happy medium...

Dual study at the HWG LU: Proven offer with intensive practical linkage

Dual study has a long tradition at HWG LU: As the first training-integrating course of study in Rhineland-Palatinate, the program "International Business Administration in Practice" - today IBA - was launched in 1995. The combination of scientifically oriented university studies and practical application in the company has proven itself. Today, HWG LU offers seven different dual models. Cooperation partners include AOK, BASF, Heraeus Medical Care, Roche diagnostics, SAP and many more.

Consistently practice-oriented

The practical relevance is in the foreground in a dual study program. The prerequisite for taking up the course is a contract with a training company, which in turn is a cooperation partner of the university for the respective course of study. Practical assignments in the partner companies during the lecture-free period are an integral part of the dual study programs. During the practical phases, students pass through various departments of their training company and can directly apply what they have learned there.

What are the advantages of a dual study program?

  • Unique dovetailing of theory and practice
    Dual students benefit from the combination of sound theoretical knowledge, practical work experience and the teaching of important soft skills.
  • Financial independence
    As a dual student, you are also employed by your training company and receive remuneration throughout your studies. 
  • Excellent career prospects
    Graduates of a dual program of study can look forward to excellent takeover rates and, since they have already demonstrated their strengths during their training, can be deployed in the company in line with their skills.

Dual courses of study at HWG LU

Health Economics in Practice GiP (B.Sc.)

Interdisciplinary program combining economic, medical and legal content. In cooperation with about 50 partners from all areas of health care in the model variants: Apprenticeship, traineeship, internship. Excellent transition rates to all sectors of the healthcare industry.

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Practice-integrated studies with theoretical study phases at the university alternating with practical assignments in the clinic and with freelance midwives/ midwife-led facilities. Study contents: Midwifery science, anatomy, microbiology, theory of disease, physiology and special situations of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, mother-child health, communication & counseling. The program culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree and state licensure in midwifery.

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Practical relevance through 7 alternating company and university phases, generalist education, foreign guest professors, foreign assignment with the partner company, excellent hiring rate and entry into many careers in business administration.

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Practical relevance through 7 alternating company and university phases, IT focus, foreign guest professors, semester abroad at Tongji University in Shanghai, excellent acceptance rate and entry into many careers in business informatics.

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Integrated training: 3-month alternation between university and company. Academic degree & Commercial IHK training. International: practical projects, excursions, semester/practical phase abroad. Holistic: logistics methods, sound business administration training, social & intercultural skills. Cooperation partners: large & medium-sized companies.

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Training-integrated: 24 months of practice in the training companies with a double degree of Bachelor and Winemaker. Emphasis: Viticulture, vine physiology, plant protection, oenology, microbiology, wine sensory analysis, business administration and wine marketing. 370 cooperating companies throughout Germany, around 100 internship companies worldwide.

Practice-integrated: For trained winemakers.

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Practice-integrated studies in Germany and France (Université de Haute-Alsace, Colmar) with twelve months of international practical experience and double degree Master of Science. Emphases: Molecular biology, chemistry and microbiology of wine, oenology, sensory analysis, sustainable viticulture, sustainable business management, language skills. Qualification for top positions in viticulture, research, industry, teaching and administration.

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