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Social work & Nursing - diverse study options

Department of Social and Health Services - What we offer

The social science-oriented courses offered by the Department of Social and Health Services include the full-time Bachelor's degree programs "Social Work" and "Nursing Education", the dual Bachelor's degree programs "Midwifery" and "Nursing" as well as the consecutive "Master's degree program in Social Work". All courses are scientifically sound and at the same time oriented towards professional practice. The future-oriented fields of work in the social and health care sectors also promise excellent opportunities on the job market.

Central and manageable

The department's Maxstraße location is right in the heart of Ludwigshafen. Thanks to its central location, good connections to local and long-distance public transport are ensured. With around 800 students, this branch of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences is also manageable and is characterized by short distances and constructive cooperation.

A location with tradition

The location has tradition: Teaching has been taking place here for almost 50 years. The department emerged from the former Protestant University of Applied Sciences and today offers non-denominational teaching and research.

Living faculty

"The culture at Department IV is characterized by a high level of commitment on the part of the teaching staff, the employees at the department and in the degree programs," says Prof. Dr. Ellen Bareis, describing the special atmosphere in the department. Here, the focus is on joyful discussion, willingness to engage in dialog, the ability to reflect, and respectful interaction between students, faculty, and administration.

Social and health care in Ludwigshafen - study conditions at a glance

  • Critical thinking, stimulation to reflect and pronounced culture of discussion at the department
  • Broadly diversified study content, scientifically sound and with practical relevance
  • Students are encouraged to work independently and with commitment
  • Familiar and relaxed atmosphere due to the manageable size of the department
  • Own, well-equipped departmental library
  • Competent, motivated and practically experienced lecturers who teach with enthusiasm
  • Studying at eye level: the lecturers always have an open ear for the concerns of their students.
  • A pleasant atmosphere ensures a positive learning environment
  • Connecting quickly: There is good cohesion due to manageable cohorts