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HWG LU is close to practice, demanding in teaching and strong in research - an unbeatable combination

Know what is in demand on the labor market

As a university of applied sciences, our lecturers have all gained many years of practical experience (at least five years) before working at the university. As professors with practical experience, they not only know what is in demand in business, social services and healthcare, but also maintain excellent contacts there. This, of course, benefits our students first and foremost: a high level of practical relevance is a matter of course when studying in Ludwigshafen right from the start!

Current teaching content conveyed in a contemporary manner

From tutors to professors - the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to the didactic continuing education of all teaching staff. Up-to-date teaching content and continuous development of teaching and learning methods are a matter of course for us.

Our students have a say in the matter

Students at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences not only benefit from up-to-date knowledge that is adequately prepared, but can also actively participate in shaping teaching and learning. Through regular surveys, they are involved in the quality management of their courses. In this way, they can make a direct contribution to keeping teaching and learning at a high level and permanently developing it further.

Strong in application-oriented research

Last but not least, in addition to the practical orientation, we also see the close interlinking with research knowledge as an important prerequisite for being able to convey current teaching content. The University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen is one of the universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate with the strongest research capabilities. Here, a fruitful exchange of teaching and research takes place in (and between) the disciplines of business, health and social affairs.

A dozen research institutes, countless research projects, other focal points of work as well as an increasing number of international research cooperations stand for comprehensive expert knowledge of the HWG-LU in the fields of economics, logistics, business informatics, finance, health and social affairs. If you would like to learn more about this, you will find an overview of the Scientific Institutions and other interesting topics on the website of the Center for Research and Cooperation.

Regionally rooted, internationally networked

This maxim, which applies to the university in general, is particularly evident in the context of research and cooperation: In order to set priorities here, we are networked with a large number of cooperation partners from science, research, public institutions and business. These include regional companies and organizations and the city of Ludwigshafen, as well as national and international players. Incidentally, our external partners reflect back to us that they experience the university as fast, flexible, practice-oriented and very open.

The students benefit from this

  • by incorporating new research results into their teaching
  • through research semesters
  • through excursions
  • through practical and final theses.

Dual courses of study: Offer with intensive practical links

If a high level of practical relevance is important to you, you should take a look at the dual study models offered by the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences. This form of study is a mixture between a degree program and classic vocational training and provides for firmly integrated practical assignments that take place at a cooperating company. Through "training on the job", these university-practice partnerships offer students an excellent insight into company practice right from the start. If you are interested in the dual study program offered by the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, simply use the study program finder.

Future prospects? Best with a degree from HWG-LU in your pocket

Regardless of which field of study and which format you choose, studying in Ludwigshafen will open the door to your future career. The education at HWG-LU enjoys a good reputation in the professional world and among employers. Through cooperations we are in a lively exchange especially with the regional job market. Nevertheless, the range of courses offered is not explicitly geared to the needs of regionally based companies or industries, but also stands up to the increasing demands of a globalized and digitalized working world.

In order to support our students in their transition to the professional world, they have the opportunity to have their application documents checked, to search for internships and jobs in the internal Career Portal, and to take advantage of various advisory services on the topic of career entry.

Incidentally, the good career prospects are also confirmed by our graduates. A survey showed that around 90 percent succeeded in starting their careers within the first six months of graduation at the latest; 70 percent even managed to do so within the first three months of graduation.

The HWG-LU stands for a contemporary combination of science and practical orientation - your advantages at a glance

  • Professors with many years of practical experience and the best contacts in the business world
  • Didactic training and further education of all lecturers
  • Quality in teaching as well as current and practice-oriented teaching content
  • Active participation of the students in teaching and learning forms
  • Application-oriented and research-oriented university
  • A large number of cooperation partners at regional, national and international level
  • Early contacts with companies, organizations and potential employers
  • Dual study models resulting from university-practice partnerships
  • Degree from Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences opens up good career prospects